Most people take breathing for granted.
People with PH don’t.

PH can feel like trying to breathe underwater.

Meet the Mermaids




Pulmonary Arterial


Pulmonary Hypertension due to Interstitial Lung Disease

How much do you know about Pulmonary Hypertension?

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The PHantasticals campaign was created to shed light on this rare condition and to encourage those who suffer from it to keep PHighting.

Join us in raising awareness about the PHantasticALS and Pulmonary Hypertension.


Seeing is believing

What is it like to live with PAH?

“During adolescence I was breathless playing sports, it was too much effort. I felt like I was not getting enough oxygen. Also when skiing, or in the cableway. People use to tell me: “You are not sporty, you are not courageous”. I never consulted a doctor for that because I also told myself that I was not sporty, not courageous.”

What is the biggest frustration patients have as they embark on their journey?

“Everyone tells the patient something different. Sometimes it’s allergic asthma other times a myocardial insufficiency or he’s just fat or old. Some tell us that they saw a psychologist because they thought it was depression. There is a broad range of, sometimes absurd, different diagnostics. Not everyone will get through it, some just give up eventually.”

How do patients cope with the disease in the long-term?

“I would like to work, but I am too weak for it. I am exhausted all the time. I have no energy, I have no strength, I feel decrepit, I cannot sleep, I feel cold all the time. Five years ago, I could easily work for 12 hours, and now after 4 hours of computer work, I feel like I have been working for 15.”


At Ferrer we make a positive impact in society. Our aim is to provide significant differential value to people suffering from severe illnesses. So we have defined a clear global strategy to develop a portfolio of holistic solutions and innovative products capable of transforming the lives of patients living with serious and debilitating diseases, especially in the field of pulmonary vascular and interstitial lung diseases.

In order to help raise awareness of Pulmonary Hypertension, we launch PHantasticals as undeniable proof of how we stand with people who live with these conditions.

Because we know they exist, we can identify them, we care about them and we put all our effort in helping them.

May 5th
World Pulmonary Hypertension Day

To support PHA Europe’s mission and vision, and as part of our #RareButStillThere awareness campaign, Ferrer is also launching an engaging social media campaign on PH World Day, which is held every 5th of May. We will do everything in our power to contribute to the PHight online by raising awareness about pulmonary hypertension and sharing important educational content about this rare condition.

Together we stay stronger

PHA Europe and its members are sharing the common vision of making the quality of life of the patients living with pulmonary hypertension better and ultimately finding a cure for this disease. Our core values unfolded in the image brochure help us in delivering initiatives and projects to reach our aims summarized in the “Call to Action” position paper, which identifies the main unmet needs of persons living with pulmonary hypertension and recommends effective ways to address those needs. The Call to action has been officially endorsed by the European Respiratory Society and was presented in the European Parliament in 2012 in the course of a public event hosted by MEPS Hannes Swoboda and Karen Kadenbach.

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